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Indira Educational & Charitable Trust was formed a decade ago and the deed of the Trust was executed on 13th March 2002.The founder of the Trust Mr. V.G. Rajendran is a construction professional and has successfully promoted a number of residential.   

The Founder Mr.V.G.Rajendran Construction professional with vast experience in promoting high quality residential Complexes at affordable Cost. The founder has been deeply appreciative of the Government's. Being a Keen observer, he had identified the woefully inadequate Healthcare.

Application to the courses offered by the Institutes should be made on the prescribed application form. Institutions must be carefully read and strictly followed.                 

 MANDATORY DISCLOSURE  -> Presenting  some valuable information's by the Members of academic advisory body in INDIRA EDUCATIONS.
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A Team of dedicated, highly motivated, qualified faculty would offer their expertise and strive to impart quality education on par with the best in these fields. The Institutes would constantly endeavour to adopt the latest trends and methods in teaching.     



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